Taekyung SBC has been manufacturing Zinc Oxide and Zinc Dust since 1969.
Taekyung SBC has customers all around the world and is a major supplier of Zinc Oxide and Zinc Dust,
inorganic cosmetic raw material known as Nano Titanium Oxide (TELIKA), Nano Zinc Oxide (ZINIKA).

Based on more than 50 years wide experience with high technology, Taekyung SBC is the No.1 company
in Korea exporting in China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and European countries.

Taekyung SBC is proud to say that average years of continuous business with customers is about 20 years
and it is extending.

Taekyung SBC always maintains customers' each required specifications of products with competitive
low price and on-time delivery. Taekyung SBC is an ISO certified company with heavy investment on R&D
each year. Taekyung SBC will continue to serve all customers with utmost attention on quality, price,
and delivery of products.

Taekyung SBC looks forward to taking the first step of long and strong relationship with you.

Thank you.

Taekyung SBC.